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They came to Igbo land and equated the deity “Ekwensu” to the Biblical devil satan.


They went to Yoruba land and did same with their deity “Èṣù”.


They did this even when they knew that there was no evidence supporting such translation.


Note: Odinana is an established religion in Igbo tradition, and Ekwensu is regarded not as a devil but one of the gods they acknowledge and reverence.


In Odinana, Ekwensu is considered a trickster spirit (mmuo/maa), usually consulted for trade and every form of activity that requires bargaining.


Ekwensu was also honored as one of the Alusi that are benevolent.


Ekwensu was never an adversary, fought war or rebelled God in Igbo cosmology unlike the Biblical satan which is and did such to the Biblical God, rather Ekwensu was always a servant to the Igbo supreme being Chi-Ukwu just like other acknowledged Igbo gods.


But when the Christians came, without any respect or tolerance for Igbo spirituality and values, they through #Thomas_John_Dennis and some other scholars who aided the Igbo Bible translation gave Ekwensu (a respected god in Odinana) their own mischievous definition and equated it to the biblical devil (Satan), thus demonizing and tagging it the devil.


On the other hand ìṣẹ̀ṣe is also an established religion in Yoruba tradition, and Èṣù is also one of the gods they acknowledge and reverence.


According to the religion, Èṣù is the Chief enforcer of the natural and divine laws.


He is the Deity in charge of law enforcement and orderliness.


Èṣù was never an adversary, fought war or rebelled Olodumare in Yoruba cosmology unlike the Biblical satan which is and did such to the biblical God.


But when the Christians came, without respected or tolerance for the ìṣẹ̀ṣe religion, they through #Samuel_Ajayi_Crowther and other Christian scholars equated a Yoruba respect god Èṣù to the biblical devil (Satan), thus demonizing it and tagging it evil.


Hence, due to the relevance of the early church in our Education system/curriculum, they were able to normalize these misinterpretations, that even till today, only those who thinks critically and are also well educated in history knows and understands they aren’t true.


So when next you want to preach of tolerance, remember this. And if you support or promote such degrading, demonizing and disrespectful translations in your speeches, songs, etc, then you lack the moral right to call for religious tolerance.


Religious intolerance is not only when it involves Islam and Christianity, traditional religions are people’s religions and deserves to be respected too.


*Meanwhile let us divert to the influence of some of this wrong interpretations on the psyche of our people;


The other day, I made a very unbiased post trying to explain the name Yeshua/Joshua/Jesus with verifiable facts, and some of our ignorant brothers and sisters who probably didn’t even read my post well or couldn’t research by themselves were commenting ignorantly.


It’s stupidity that our people will reject a fact that “Chinazo/Chukwunazo” (an Igbo Name) is linguistically the same with the Hebrew name Yahshua (who today they refer to as Jesus), but these same people will rush without thinking or researching and accept that Ekwensu is same with the biblical satan, even when linguistically and ontologically they’re not.


They whole heartedly accepts a false Igbo translation of Satan to Ekwensu, but rejects a true Igbo translation of Yahshua to Chinazo/Chukwunazo.


For these kind of people, only the evil terms, concepts, or beings should exist in Igbo ontology.


For them, the Igbo language is unfit to be used in translating Christ’s name, but should be used to translate the devils name even if it’s a false translation.


Well....they’re simply victims of mental slavery, indoctrination and orchestrated self hate.


That’s why when they pray, the God they usually see in their sleeps or supposed visions are normally one of those pictures of Jesus especially that of Robert Powell.


And when they envision such, they think they are connecting to God.


They fail to understand the power of images and normalized lies on the human psyche.


They don’t understand most of their experiences are simply products of the data’s they have fed their minds with.


I’m for neither yours or theirs, mine is; everyone should have freedom of religion, but at same time

Written by Mike Odenigbo

Nero-Christopher Nwachukwu

Nero-Christopher Nwachukwu

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